Killian's CarePlus Pharmacy - Trip To Uriage France

Killian’s CarePlus Pharmacy were incredibly lucky to win a trip with Uriage to France to visit the Uriage spa and production centre. Freda, who works in Killian’s Pharmacy, went along to represent the team. The trip started on May 6th and ended May 9th.

On arrival, the group took a boat trip around a lake, as well as a cable car ride up a mountain to have lunch. The group took in the gorgeous view while they enjoyed a Michelin star meal in a castle on the mountain. During the trip the group has had the privilege of visiting both the Uriage spa and the factories where Uriage products are made. Here, they were brought through each step, detailing the making, packaging and supply of Uriage products. They learned that Uriage is the only French skincare brand recognised by the French health board, thus if you are treated in the Uriage spa, 90% of the costs are reimbursable by the government. There is a 3-week treatment programme at the spa available involving rheumatology, nasal problems and post-cancer care.

Finally, the group were lucky enough to visit the source of the main ingredient in Uriage products (thermal water) and given a rundown on all of the benefits this thermal water has. The trip was a wonderful success and we are so happy that a representative from the CarePlus Pharmacy network got to have that experience and to bring her knowledge back and share it with her team in the Pharmacy.

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