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    Our Services

    We are dedicated to helping you with all aspects of your self-care. That's why every CarePlus Pharmacy offers in-store health services. When it comes to your health and your family's health, there is nothing like speaking to a qualified healthcare practitioner. Speak to our pharmacists and advisers about our concerns and get expert advice on how to improve and manage your health and wellbeing.
    We can help you with illness support, health monitoring and preventative healthcare - see our list of services below. And don't worry about privacy; there are private consultation rooms in all our pharmacies so you can count on a personal, relaxed and confidential experience.

    • Baby Weighing Service

      How's My Baby?​

      Do you want to monitor your baby’s weight safely and accurately? We’re here to help. Talk to your local CarePlus Pharmacy about our Baby Weighing Service.

    • Blood Pressure Check

      How's The Ticker?​

      Did you know that over half of adults in Ireland over 45 years have high blood pressure which may cause stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and heart disease? We offer free Blood Pressure and Resting Heart Rate checks in our CarePlus Pharmacies, so call in today and speak to us.

    • Diabetes Screening

      Let's Just Rule It Out

      Diabetes Screening (HBA1C Test) is offered in selected CarePlus Pharmacies. This simple blood test can give you a good indication of how well diabetes is controlled over a period of time. Chat to us about this service.

    • Emergency Contraception

      Accidents happen and when they do, don't panic. All CarePlus Pharmacies provide Emergency Contraception without the need for a prescription. Pop in as soon as you can, and our friendly pharmacists will go through some quick checks with you in the privacy of our consultation room and will answer any questions you may have.

    • Emergency Supply

      Emergency Supply

      If you have forgotten or lost your medicine, we may be able to provide you with a supply to tide you over until you can next get to your doctor. Speak to your local CarePlus pharmacist for more information.

    • Flu Vaccinations

      It's Your Best Shot​

      Want to avoid feeling under the weather this winter? The Flu Vaccine is a safe, effective way to prevent flu in the winter season; talk to your local CarePlus Pharmacy about our vaccine services and prices.
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    • Medication Management

      Unsure about your meds?​

      Unsure about your medication? Or are you having trouble trying to remember when to take them, or what they are for? Make an appointment to speak with your CarePlus pharmacist, who can go through all of your medicines with you, explain what they are for, how they work, and give you advice on how to take them correctly.

    • Pharmacist Advice

      Don't Be Shy, Ask Away​

      If there's something worrying you, or you have a niggle or a pain, our pharmacists are available for advice on any health issue. Their advice is free and confidential; they can recommend non-prescription medications that may help soothe your symptoms or they may refer you on to other health care professionals if needed.

    • Repeat Prescription Service

      My Usual Please

      If you take regular medication, we can keep your prescription safely on file so that you can simply call us to order your next supply and not have to worry every month.

    • Smoking Cessation

      The Time Is Now

      You want to quit smoking? We're here to help. Did you know, you are four times more likely to quit smoking with 1-2-1 coaching and support, than by doing it alone? Making sure you pick the right product is key to getting off to a great start on your quitting journey. Our pharmacists and their teams can advise you on exactly the best kind of product for you and will guide you along your journey.

    • Unwanted Medicines Disposal

      Past Its Sell-By Date?​

      Have a cupboard full of tablets? If you have unused or out-of-date medications at home, please bring them to your local CarePlus Pharmacy to be disposed of safely.  Some medications can be harmful to children, so it's best to dispose of any unwanted medication instead of stock-piling them. Likewise, it's never a good idea to flush old medicines down the toilet, as they can cause damage to the environment.  

    • Viagra connect

      Viagra connect

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    • Weight Management

      Shaping Up Nicely​

      Do you know your height to weight ratio? All CarePlus Pharmacies offer free Body Mass Index (BMI) checks and advice on how to maintain healthy BMI levels.