Exam Season: Stress & Anxiety
Wednesday, May 08, 2019

At exam times, people tend to be more susceptible to experiencing stress and anxiety, even if they do not suffer from such conditions on an ongoing basis.

As such stress and anxiety is generally exam-related, re-balancing hormones and correcting nutritional deficiencies makes it possible to eliminate this stress and anxiety naturally, rather than through prescription medication.

It is important to be aware that:

  • A serotonin deficiency (serotonin is a chemical in the body in charge of well-being and feelings of happiness), can increase anxiety levels. In order to avoid this, it is advised to take natural supplements (recommended below), improve your gut health and regulate your sleeping pattern
  • Key deficiencies which contribute to a rise in anxiety and stress levels are deficiencies in magnesium, vitamin D, zinc and vitamins B6, B9 and B12
  • It is recommended to avoid sugar, processed foods, artificial flavours or sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine around times of anxiety and stress as these can exacerbate such feelings

For a healthy brain:

  1. Enough sleep
  2. Healthy diet & regular exercise
  3. Stress management
  4. Brain Boosters: Coenzyme Q10, Omega 3-6-9, Fish oils


Coenzyme Q10

An essential substance in energy production in every cell of body. It significantly improves energy production in the brain, leading to:

  • better memory, improved energy levels and higher cognitive ability

Try Bioactive’s Q10 supplement, now 33% off in your local CarePlus Pharmacy.

Omega 3-6

  • Fish oils are a fundamental source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 acids boost the brain’s overall health, reducing neurological inflammation.
  • DHA – an Omega 3 fatty acid - contributes to maintaining brain structure, supports brain function and eye health as well as serotonin production, improves memory and reaction time
  • EPA- another Omega 3 fatty acid - has powerful anti-inflammatory effects on brain cells, and is also known to fight depression and improve overall mood

Recommended products you can find in your local CarePlus Pharmacy include:

Seven Seas Omega-3 fish oils, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, MorEpa (85% Omega-3 high EPA formula) or Revive Active Mastermind* (100% natural formulation, containing DHA Omega 3 fatty acid to support mental performance and memory).


  • Improves memory by increasing/enhancing focus and concentration, while reducing feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Can also be beneficial for improving mood and quality of sleep – as it helps to relax the muscles

Ask your friendly CarePlus Pharmacist for advice on adding Magnesium supplements to your diet.

Stressveda capsules

  • Contain a unique blend of award-winning Ashwagandha Extract and plant-sourced B Vitamins, formulated to naturally help in times of stress
  • Support cognitive health and aids nervous tension, soothing stress-sensitivity while supporting mental performance and nervous system health


  • a nerve tonic which helps to protect from brain degeneration
  • supports adrenal function – helping to overcome feelings of fatigue and stress
  • boosts endurance during physical activity (important for a healthy brain) by sharpening brain function and reducing body pain

Ask your CarePlus Pharmacist about Stressveda capsules.

New Nordic Melissa Dream

  • Contains natural ingredients such as chamomile and lemon balm, which can encourage feelings of calm and help to prepare for a deeper, more restful sleep

We at CarePlus would like to wish you or your loved ones the very best of luck this exam season and remember to take care of yourselves at all times.

* available in selected CarePlus Pharmacies