Baby Month: Baby-proofing your home
Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Babyproofing as a new parent can be confusing and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out some of our easy ways to make your home safe for your little wandering adventurers.

1. Keep tablets & medication out of reach 

It is imperative to store all medication somewhere that is well out of reach of your children. Keep on a high shelf in a cupboard than cannot even be climbed to.

2. Check for hazards at your baby’s eye level

Remove any small objects your child could choke on. If it can pass through the centre of a toilet paper roll, it needs to be kept well out of reach.

3. Replace any broken or missing cover plates on electricity outlets/sockets

Make sure every outlet has a cover plate with a safety slider, it will ensure any curious tiny hands keep away from the slot.

4. Bolt furniture to the wall

Once your toddler learns to pull themselves up on objects around the house, heavy furniture is at risk of tipping. Bolt what you can to the wall and ensure the heaviest items are always stored on the bottom drawers and shelves.

5. Use magnetically activated locks

Secure cabinets and drawers using magnetically activated locks that only open with a special magnetic key. That way, you won’t have to remember to relock them every time.

6. Replace any frayed cords/wires

Little ones love to explore and often put things in their mouths to discover more about them. Although electrical tape can be used to secure wires away from them, using tape to mend electrical cords doesn’t protect anyone. Replace them immediately.

7. Switch your doorstops

Coil doorstops can look like toys to children – we all remember sitting behind a door playing with them for hours on end. However, if the plastic tip falls off it reveals a sharp metal point which can be hazardous. Opt for small, plastic rod-like doorstops instead.

8. Avoid latex balloons if you’re throwing a party

While they may be the cheaper choice when shopping for party supplies, when they pop they leave behind easy-to-swallow pieces. Opting for helium-filled Mylar balloons mean they deflate over time rather than popping.

9. Put safety gates at both ends of your stairs

Hardware-mounted wire gates should be installed properly at the bottom and top of your stairs. Avoid using pressure gates for stairs – they are not secure enough to stop your little one when they take a tumble.

10. Watch those corners

Sharp corners on tables are a serious hazard for your little ones and should be protected with a soft cover. If you’re not sure which ones to babyproof, follow this advice: if you ever bump into a corner of one and say “ouch”, it generally means you should babyproof it (for your sake as well as theirs).

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