11 At-Home First Aid Kit Essentials
Thursday, June 03, 2021

It's important to have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries that may occur. Particularly with little ones around, it’s good to be prepared for whatever they may get themselves into.

Having a first aid kit in your home stocked with the essentials can help reduce the risk of infection or the severity of an injury if the situation does arise.

Check out our list of the 11 essentials items we recommend you have in your at home first aid kit:

1. Plasters

Plasters come in a variety of sizes for minor cuts, blisters and sore spots. We recommend Medicare Spray Plaster, which instantly seals and protects cuts and grazes. It is also water resistant, gradually disappears as the skin heals and provides a transparent, breathable film for the injury.

It is also ideal for those awkward, hard-to-reach areas like elbows, knuckles, toes or knees that are often a challenge to keep a regular plaster on.

2. Adhesive Tape

 This is great for holding dressings in place.

3. Bandages

Crepe bandages like Medicare Crepe Bandage are useful for support or holding a dressing in place.

Tubular bandages such as the Medicare Sports Tubular Support bandage are also helpful when a child has strained a joint and needs extra support.

4. Antiseptic Cream

This can be applied to cuts or grazes after cleaning them. It will help prevent infection and some even numb the pain.

5. Sterile Saline Solution

CarePlus recommend Medicare Sterile Saline Solution, as it is perfect for rinsing and cleansing away dust and dirt from wounds and eyes.

The spray physically removes foreign bodies, blood, reduces pathogens and dead tissue whilst also moistening the tissue in the process, which contributes to wound healing.

6. Burn Gel 

Important to note: burn gel should only be used if you are not near cool running water to run the burn under.

Medicare Burn Gel is a water-based gel with Aloe Vera for the first aid treatment of sunburns, minor burns, and scalds. The gel works by forming a transparent, protective film as a protective barrier that cools and soothes the skin to help reduce pain and discomfort. It is effortless to apply while also being water soluble and is easily washed off.

7. Antiseptic Wipes

Antiseptic wipes are a quick and easy way to clean cuts and grazes and help prevent infection. To use them, take a fresh wipe and clean the wound. Work gently away from the centre to remove dirt and germs.

8. Thermometer(digital or electronic)

These are quick and accurate. You can also use them under the armpit – it is recommended to always place the thermometer under the armpit for children under 5.

CarePlus recommend Medicare’s Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. It is a fast, accurate infrared thermometer with convenient features to help you monitor temperature with ease, as well as a 3-in-1 measurement option for body, surface and room temperature.

9. Small scissors

This may come in useful for cutting clothes off an injured area, as well as cutting plasters and adhesive tape to size.

10. Hand Sanitiser

It is essential to wash your hands before and after you offer first aid, however if you do not have access to water (e.g. in the car or out and about), hand sanitiser is a good option. We recommend the Medicare Anti-Bacterial hand sanitiser.

11. Disposable Gloves

These are important as they protect you from potential infection when offering first aid.


If you have any sports people at home who are likely to present with injuries from time to time, we recommend Physiologix. Physiologix is a dynamic support range developed by Irish Physiotherapists using the latest in innovative design and fabric technologies to provide outstanding comfort and uncompromising support to aid in the recovery of injuries. Physiologix have a huge range of sports tapes and supports.

This list provides a general guide on the recommended contents for first aid kits in the home. All supplies are available in your local CarePlus Pharmacy, so please ask one of our expert staff for advice on whatever you may need.