All that Glitters
Thursday, December 06, 2018

This festive season, we've got you covered. Whether you're heading to your work Christmas party or a night out with the gang, check out our 5 top beauty tips for the Christmas period.

Spectacular Skin

Before you even think about shimmery eyeshadow or bronzed legs you must think: skin prep. Preparing and caring for your skin is the base for all that goes on top of it. Make sure you exfoliate, mask and hydrate your skin (face AND body) to the max, especially for a night out in winter. Check out our Winter Skin article for tips on keeping your skin glowing and glorious.

Perfect Pout

For a night out during the festive season, a statement lip is always a good start. Choose a red with a blue undertone (rather than a pink/orange undertone) – this will make your teeth look super white. A deep burgundy is also a gorgeous way to go, and a matte finish is your best bet for a long-lasting colour.

Tip: Line and fill in your lips with a matching lip liner before applying your lipstick colour – this will make your lip colour last longer – food, drink and (almost) kiss-proof.


I would like to preface this point with a gentle piece of advice: go with statement lips or a statement eye – not both. One or the other is generally the way to go. So, if you are going with a nude lip, you have free reign to go full glitz and glam on your peepers.

For a shimmery festive look, a loose eyeshadow pigment is the way to go. Wet a flat eye-shadow brush before dipping it into the product and applying to the eye. This will make the colour even more pigmented and shimmery, making your eyes pop. Line with a liquid or kohl black liner, lash on the mascara and you are ready to hit the dance floor.

If you are going for a statement lip, some warm, matte neutral tones on the eye are the way to go. Be sure to still go wild with the mascara but keep the lid colour muted and skip the liquid liner.

Tip: If you are using a loose pigment eyeshadow, do your eye make-up first (before your base) as there will be fallout under the eye. This is easy to wipe away with a powder brush or make up wipe when you don’t have your base make up done as the pigment has nothing to stick to on your skin  – it is a lot harder and slightly soul destroying if you have to do so afterwards.

Perfect those Pins

Once you’ve found the perfect outfit, if your pins are going to be on show then it’s time to give them some loving. De-fuzz and exfoliate in the shower the day before applying any fake tan to the skin to avoid any streaks or patches. Exfoliation is especially important in winter, as we are prone to a build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin making it appear duller.

Your pores need a chance to recover after the exfoliation, hair removal and hot water combination before you whack on the bronze. Apply a hydrating moisturiser overnight so by the time you get to the tanning process it has all absorbed.

The next day, use a mitt to apply your fake tan. We recommend He-Shi, Vita Liberata and Bellamianta – depending on the shade and coverage you want. Slather it on to the shade your heart desires, washing the darkest top layer off the next morning if necessary.

Before you head out, dust some highlighting powder or a shimmery bronzer over your collar bones, shoulders and down your shins to give yourself that Victoria’s Secret Model-esque glow.

Remove & Snooze

Potentially the most important beauty tip of all – do not sleep in your make-up. This is the cardinal sin of skincare. Your skin will hate you for it and it will make this known via many dramatic break outs and dry patches. No matter how tired you are, remove your make up before you go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be a 10 step skincare routine, but if you can manage some cotton pads and Miscellar Water and some moisturiser, your skin will thank you for it in the morning.

Make it even easier for yourself – leave your cotton pads, make up remover and moisturiser by your bedside so that you a) can’t possibly forget and b) don’t have to go to some wild effort to find products, resulting in you giving up and falling asleep with your full face still intact.

Most importantly, ENJOY yourself. Enjoy the festive season and all it brings with it. Spend time with your loved ones and you will glow from within regardless.