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    CarePlus Pharmacy Corporate Flu Program

    If the health of your employees and clients is top priority for your workplace, we can help. At CarePlus Pharmacy, we offer a customised Corporate Flu Program to help keep your employees feeling and performing at their best. As one of Ireland’s leading pharmacies, we are here to help protect your workforce from the flu this season.

    Why Choose CarePlus Pharmacy this year?

    We offer:

    5 Easy Steps to Book your Corporate Flu Package

    Step 1 Order your flu vaccines today by completing the order form online. Simply click on "Book Flu Vaccine Now" on bottom right hand corner of screen. Select your CarePlus Pharmacy of choice.

    Step 2 A CarePlus Pharmacy Healthcare Adviser will be in touch to arrange your Corporate Flu Vaccination Programme

    Step 3 A dedicated day(s) will be nominated for Workplace Flu Clinics

    Step 4 Vouchers despatched once payment complete, for your local CarePlus Pharmacy Flu Clinics

    Step 5 If an in-store vaccination service is selected, employees can book a flu vaccine appointment at the local CarePlus Pharmacy and brings voucher for identification

    How you Can Help Protect your Workplace?

    Influenza (aka the flu) is caused by a viral infection that is easily spread from person to person, with symptoms lasting up to 1 to 2 weeks. It’s especially contagious in workplaces due to shared workspaces and high touch surfaces.

    A person with the flu may be contagious a full 24 hours before symptoms begin and continue to be infectious for a week after the onset of symptoms. This can have a devastating effect on a workplace, with the virus circulating quickly between co-workers causing a significant impact not only on absenteeism, but also presenteeism – where employees are sick on the job.

    You can help to protect your employees and your workplace, by offering your staff a pharmacist-administered quadrivalent flu vaccination at one of our participating CarePlus Pharmacies* across Ireland. Of all the mutual benefits included in a Corporate Flu program, the most important advantage to your business is the health and productivity of your employees.

    Is the Flu Costing You?

    Did you know around 20% of the Irish population will catch the flu each year, with the average person needing 6 days off from work to recover?

    Flu can also have a significant impact on Ireland’s business community and economic productivity. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, an outbreak of flu can quickly spread to all employees and undermine a company’s performance and profitability. For many businesses, the flu season also coincides with the busy Christmas trading period.

    Benefits of a Coprorate Flu Package